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Marta Prieto Andina

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m2d2 started when I, Marta (M), and Dani (D) were asked to create renders for our classmates' projects while we were finishing our architecture degree.

Nowadays, it is only me, Marta, who remains at the front creating ARCHITECTURAL RENDERS professionally.

A CGI (computer generated image), also known as RENDER, is that image in which it is difficult to distinguish whether it is a photograph or not. In other words, WE SHOW WHAT YOUR PROJECT WILL BE LIKE BEFORE IT IS BUILT to get you or your client excited about the space even before the works begin.

Marta Prieto Andina

You are in the right place if you are ...


You are a professional in the architecture field (architect, builder, developer...). I will bring out the full potential of your project so that your client falls in love with it.


If you are not a specialist and need help understanding architectural drawings and plans because you cannot see anything else than lines, if you cannot picture how your home will be refurbished or if you cannot decide among several finishes just because a sample is not enough...

+10 years
of experience designing images (renders, cgis)
rendered projects

Their have put their trust on us

We give shape to your project
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