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Common questions about our way of working

Broadly speaking, we can consider the following phases:

1. Elaboration of the 3D MODEL. This is the starting point, transforming the plans into a 3-dimensional volume, which is the virtual model of your project.
Once the space is modelled, it gets furnished and set to your liking.
The more detail the model has, the more realistic the images will be.

2. TEXTURE. The materials for each surface are correctly applied and configured: wood, metal, textiles... each one has different properties.

3. LIGHTING. An essential step. The light in a scene can completely change the perception and sensation of the space.

4. RENDERING. Once all the steps above are set up correctly, the computer stars to process and render the image.

5. POST-PRODUCTION. With the rendered image, photographic retouching takes place and sets the scene.

The price can vary depending on the size of the 3D model, the complexity of the project, and the deadline. As a guidance, the price per image can start from 200 Euros. ASK FOR A NON-OBLIGATION BUDGET

As a general rule, at least the plans would be needed in cad. However, the more information you can provide, the better. For example, inspiration images, photos of desired finishes and furniture, information about the location (especially if exterior images are requested) etc. If you do not have this information and your project is set in Galicia, you can also check on our website the section ADDITIONAL SERVICES.

As a general rule, JPG images with a high resolution 4000px. If you need another format or quality, do not worry, we can do it.

We give shape to your project
Do not hesitate to contact us