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Work method /Work plan

In order to express successfully in images, project idea or ideas you may have, is important for me having a good communication between us. In this way, I can understand and help you better by adapting the images to your taste and needs.

The process

01 01

Full information required

A detailed description of the PROJECT is necessary:

• Location and photos, in case exterior images are requested.
• Plan list in cad (.dwg .dxf) with well-defined geometry.
• Good definition of finishes / finishes specification
• Type of furniture/ decoration

02 02

What TYPE OF IMAGES do you need?

We will need to know:

• Type of images: night/day, exterior/interior, bird’s eye view, 360o tour…
• Required points of view.
• Number of images of each type

03 03

3D MODEL Elaboration

With all the provided information we will prepare the project 3D model to obtain test images that we will be sent to you with low resolution.

04 04


Once you receive the low-resolution images, you can review them and let us know what needs to be updated or changed.

Bear in mind that significant changes in the geometry compared to the plans provided previously can required extra work and therefore and extra charge.

05 05

Final images

When we have your OK, we will start with the assembly and post-production of the final images.

DELIVERY TIME FRAMES will vary depending on the number of images, size and complexity of the project.

We give shape to your project
Do not hesitate to contact us